New Work


The Sculpture has finally arrived!


New Sculpture Commission.

Can we lift it?  Getting stuck into shaping the foam for the latest sculpture commission!


Dancing on Pebble Seats!

Thank you to B|D landscape architects for this playful image with the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Pebbles as theatre for some contemporary dance!


If you go down to the Sea today

You might spot some Giant Concrete Pendeen Pebble Seats which have just landed in Torquay's new Abbey Sands development.  Commisioned by Kay Elliot Architects, Balfour Beatty and Harvard Estates.



The New Concrete Bench Production

Things have slowed down with the new cocnrete bench for street furniture.  The summer orders for Pebble Seats has taken over my work efforts!


Concrete Bench

The latest image of my concrete bench in progress. Taken by in the workshop evening light.


Wave Bench

Another view of the new designer concrete bench getting closer to ready for moulding!


Plan View of New Wave Bench Layout Designs

These are just a few thought on how to create patterns with multiples of my new concrete wave bench.  Its endless fun!


Wave Bench

Ongoing carving of my new Wave bench original, soon ready for mould making and then casting of the final concrete benches!


New Concrete Seating


Started shaping the foam original for the new bench!


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