Dubai Wings

Emaar Hospitality Group LLC

Welcome sculpture celebrating the latest Address Hotel
in Downtown, Dubai.

Materials: Resin and Yacht Paint.
Height: 7.5 metres

RHS Chelsea - Haven

Sculpture for the Brewin Dolphin show garden at Chelsea 2013.

Bronze resin and marble composite.

Height: 2.1M

Client: Cancer Research UK

Garden Design: Robert Myers

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Garden Brief

This is a calm, reflective, elegant, private garden space, with a simple geometric, layout of stone, water and planting that creates spaces for relaxation and informal entertainment. The design creates a strong composition of crisp forms and layered planes, combined with more naturalistic planting drawn from a palette of British native species. The design is inspired by sponsor Brewin Dolphin's ethos as a company: the materials are high-quality and durable; the design is bespoke and innovative, but firmly rooted in past traditions. The use of native British plants reflects the company's history, and the various spaces for entertaining and interaction reflect the importance placed on personal relationships and conviviality. The garden is designed to create a sense of comfort and security from the outside world.

Swirl Sculpture

Swirl Sculpture as seen at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2013.
Images at Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden.

Bronze resin also available in Bronze.

Height 2.3 meters

Photos by Lisa Cox

Cambridge University

Courtyard sculpture for Robinson College, Cambridge University.

Client: Robinson College

Agent: Cass Sculpture Foundation

Materials: Cold cast bronze on steel base

Height: 2.8 metres


Welcome sculpture celebrating the completion of the 4th tallest Skyscraper in Shanghai.

The Organic Wing was inspired by the split ‘wing’ formation at the peak of the skyscraper.  The sculpture balanced and reflected the skyscraper's top ‘wings’ to create a formal dialogue between the two.

Client: Wheelock Group

Materials: Cold cast Silver nickel

Height: 6.0 metres

Images from Wheelock Square

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The Organic Wing was inspired by the split ‘wing’ formation at the peak of the skyscraper.  The sculpture balanced and reflected the skyscraper's top ‘wings’ to create a formal dialogue between the two.

Work on the sculpture


Sanding to final polished finish

NHS Portsmouth

Two commissions; welcome sculpture and ward garden sculpture reflecting the hospital's values of dignity and compassion.

“They will stand like the wards’ Guardian Angels”, Ward Manager, Andy Tysoe.

Client: Portsmouth NHS Hospital

Agent: Willis Newson

Materials: Cold cast bronze

Height:  3.2 - 3.8 metres

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The Limes Ward is an inpatient unit, with a functional wing, organic wing and communal areas including a therapies department. The Limes is named after a mature lime tree located in the main garden of the unit which influenced the interior colour scheme.

Main themes: Privacy, Dignity & Compassion
Additional themes: Nature, Woodland, Limes, Leaves, Water, Light, Sensory
Should be: Welcoming, Calming, Peaceful

Approach to Artworks

I wanted the sculptures to draw on and enhance the core impressions delivered by the lime tree.  It was symbolic on several levels; the lime tree provides a living, natural welcome to the grounds.  It is rooted firmly in the ground, providing a sense of pride and dignity.  Its treelike structure offers shade and privacy whilst a closer look at its leaves and stems reveal its delicate nature.  This echoes the compassion experienced within the hospital. 

I found this lovely quote on caring for lime trees,

“Knowing how to water, fertilize and care for lime trees ensures healthy, handsome trees and a rewarding harvest.”

This emotive response echoed the themes the sculptures needed to portray about the hospital and the compassion of its workers as they care for patients and visitors.


Lime tree drawings

Spring Arts Centre

Commissioned to signpost the entry to Havant town and create an inspirational space for people to relax outside the Arts Centre.

Central ‘dancer’ sculpture and seating; Fin Back Chairs, Slither Bench, Whale Table and Bench.

Client: Havant Council

Materials: Steel, stainless steel, bronze resin, recycled plastic, marble resin, recycled glass in resin, LED lighting.

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Installation for Hampshire County Council

The brief was to create an inspirational place for people to sit with a central sculpture and external furniture and lighting.  Also to be a 'signpost' announcement as you enter Havant town.

The space was a cold, stark throughfare that served only as a brick-encompassed cavern for a lonely picnic table.  I needed to humanise the space and introduce an air of wonder and tranquility, creating a place to rest and contemplate, despite being surrounded by brick wall and floor and being next to the main road into Havant. I worked closely with the arts centre staff, Hampshire County Council and the Portsmouth Architecture Foundation.  After a public open consultation and workshop day, the dreams of all who would use the space were logged and used to create a large scale model.  This process allowed the work to reflect the needs of the art centre, its café, Havant town and its community.

Two years later, I have been told all involved are still thrilled and enchanted by the new courtyard, which has a magical feel, especially at night with the gentle up-lighting. 

Ground works involved relaying paving, removing walls and existing plinths, introducing the sculptural works, new planting and grass hillocks. All work was designed, made and installed by myself and I oversaw all building groundworks.

During the project I carried out a weekend sculpture casting course for those interested in my making process.

The courtyard won The Hampshire Echo, best public art award.

Overview of Approach

1.             Research into the site and local history.

2.             Public consultation day and demonstration, by invite and open to all.

3.             Initial designs and working model.

4.             Further public and closed consultation to assess the relevance and suitability of the work planned.

5.             Manufacture of the finished works and installation including ground works.

6.             Collaboration with dance group and harpist to create a performance of accompanied dance in response to the sculptures and site for the opening night. 


Research day


Local community sculpture workshop


Scale model of proposed Installation                Work on site


Work on site


The dancers from 'Cscape' practising for the opening ceremony with harpist Ruth Wall.


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