Shortlisted for Elektron, residential development on Canary Wharf.  Installation designed to reflect the history, themes and activities of its location: the Meridian. 

Client: Barratt Homes

Agent: Formation Architects

Materials: Stainless steel tube, cast clear resin with LED up lighting and flush floor lighting channels.

Height: 8 metres (scale model with LED lights)

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My aim with this project was to develop an installation that reflected the commonality of the history, themes and activities of its location: the Meridian, time, electricity, the Thames and man’s compulsion to understand the physical world in which he lives. 

This commonality was reflected by patterns that explain the explosion and transfer of energy at all levels. These patterns are also present in activities and instruments developed to aid man’s attempts to map and understand the world – from the vast scale of the meridian to the smallest timepieces needed to utilise it.

Infinity Bubble set out to explore some aspects of these mind-boggling phenomena in a visually playful language and in an interactive form that both reflected on and responded to the world around it. Through the use of light, bright, interactive contemporary materials it aimed to fascinate and stimulate thought about some of the most fundamental questions we pose.


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